We are proud to be one of the coolest mattresses around. Though in our case being cool doesn't even take much effort, since it's all in the design. And it's all about the air. Every part of our mattress has been designed to create a well-vented and temperature-controlled environment. Because sleeping at the right temperature equals better comfort.

Luckily our springs give us a big leg up in the quest to make our mattress as air-permeable as possible: Because we use only 80 to 110 springs in each mattress rather than hundreds and don't need additional filling materials for comfort, the inside of our mattresses is as uncluttered as the beds' sleek outside indicates. Air can circulate freely inside the core.

Next up, that airy core is encased in only two inches of our open-pore structure foam virtually guaranteeing a high level of air permeability and natural moisture regulation.

The final coolness factor is our zippered cover, made out of breathable fabric and sporting a strip of airy mesh running the perimeter. How cool is that?