We practice safe sleep. Somnium mattresses provide a safe nighttime haven for people with allergies and chemical sensibilities. But carefully sourced, hypoallergenic components only set our baseline.

We shun common trigger materials like latex or wool in our beds and insist on Ökotex-certified fibers in our covers to assure they are free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, dyes or other harmful chemicals. And we picked inherently flame resistant materials like rayon and highly resilient open core foam instead of flammable cotton, traditional bedding foam, or combustible latex. Our fire solution is as simple as it is savvy: Since it offers fire safety on a molecular level, it will never wear off, rub off, wash off or make you sneeze.

Our fiercest weapon in the fight against allergies, however, is Somnium's smart design. Washable covers and good air circulation create a sleep environment that is inhospitable to dust mites. Since these microscopic evildoers and their droppings cause countless allergies, keeping their numbers down was one of our declared goals.

Glad to report we are winning: Somnium 1; dust mites: 0.

Somnium Mattress Full Sideview with Box with photo by Martin Herbst/www.MartinHerbst.com