Somnium Comfort Zones image sideview with photo by Martin Herbst/www.MartinHerbst.com

You don't know how good firm feels until you've slept on a Somnium mattress. Our beds are zoned for your comfort.

Somnium is the only mattress that truly reconciles human anatomy and human ergonomics, and we do it by using different firmness grades of springs in different parts of the bed: Softer ones allow the shoulder and pelvis to sink more deeply into the mattress while firmer ones actively support the lumbar spine. This novel approach of using two different firmness grades of springs in each bed is so logical we are surprised nobody ever thought of it before.

Somnium alignment comparison

And whether you prefer to sleep on a firm or regular Somnium, our design suits all body types and the comfort zones always line up - regardless of your height, shape, or size. Better yet: Each bed's unique symmetrical design allows for it to be flipped or turned upside down and still delivers the correct support and comfort.

So go ahead. Step out of your comfort zone and let Somnium do its job.