Somnium Mattress is Recyclable

Every component of a Somnium mattress can be recycled or repurposed once you are ready to part with it again. That's how we see to it that saving the world in your sleep is possible after all.

Used mattresses are a huge problem in landfills because they are hard to break down and sheer impossible to dismantle. Somnium begs to differ. Our covers simply zip off so the fibers can be recycled and the soy-blend foam can easily be stripped away to be turned into yoga mats, insulation or carpet underlay.

Even our high-tech springs enjoy a useful afterlife: Once ground up, their high-quality elastomer is reborn as a kid's toy.

Considering the entire life cycle of a product is the new shade of green. That's why we produce quality that lasts, source locally and work diligently to minimize our impact on the environment.