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Marfa: Sleeping Cool in the Desert

When one of our mattresses sold to a client in Marfa, Texas, we had to look it up on a map.  After talking to the customer and investigating the town further, we think we might have found our spiritual homeland.

A photo of the faux-Prada store in Marfa, Texas.

Marfa: Art & Design Mecca

If you are a fan of art and design you might have already heard of Marfa.  It is a town that appears to be just one big art installation.  Bolstered by minimalist artist Donald Judd who moved there in the 80’s, the town has become a destination for art lovers.  There is no gallery district, just art that is installed amid the spectacular Texas high desert, or smaller galleries that ask you to call them first so someone can let you in to have a look around.  And then there’s the weird Prada store in the middle of nowhere.  Actually, it’s not a real store, just an installation by artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset intended as a critique of the luxury goods market. Note to future prospective vandals: The shoes aren’t pairs and the purses have no bottoms.

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