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Three Sleep Tips for Easing Back Into the School and Workplace Grind

With the long and balmy days of summer coming to a close, we say ‘So long’ to our trove of Instagram vacation photos and bid ‘Hello’ to a fall full of work. The kiddos face an equally unceremonious return to the most infamous of six-letter words, S-C-H-O-O-L.

Diving back into the non-vacation world  of our jobs and studies also means it is time to ditch our summer habits of rising late and hitting the hay way past our bed time. Take heart, fellow slumber lover, we’ve got a few suggestions to make your transition from summer fun to fall’s ho-hum a little easier.

Say goodnight to your iPad before you say goodnight

Did you know that 89% of adults and 75% of kids have at least one electronic device in their bedroom? Even more sobering is that 68% of adults and 51% of children have two or more.

Bringing your electronics to bed can hamper your sleep.

A habit that’s hard to resist (photo courtesy of The Telegraph)

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A Better Bench Press: Hit the Pillow, Help the Pecs

We’ve discovered through the wonders of Twitter that Monday – the mother of all bad days – is officially known as #BenchDay, the 24-hour period in which fitness fanatics and bodybuilders heft insane amounts of weight repeated times through the power of their rippling upper bodies.

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Sleep Quiz: Are You a Giraffe or a Bat?

Seems like there are qiuzzes for everything today. What famous movie star would you be? If you were television show, which one would you be? What’s your personality type?

We woefully admit that Somnium isn’t immune to the quiz craze. This week we went through our top-secret list of sleep facts and turned up a pair of zoological nuggets that will determine your sleep style.

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Good Night, My Love: Famous Couples Who Sleep Apart

A recent study done in England showed that 30 to 40 percent of couples sleep apart. Americans are lagging behind the Brits a bit — a 2005 study showed nearly 25 percent of  American couples sleep in different bedrooms.

The experts say the trend will grow. The National Association of Homebuilders predicts by next year 60 percent of custom homes will have separate master suites.

Here are three famous couples who decided — for better or for worse — to sleep apart:

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip…was there ever a more stately sounding couple? The royal pair spend their nights royally separated, as is the custom of royal modesty and the upper-crust society of England.

The queen and the prince like to sleep apart.

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