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Athletes Need Sleep to Succeed

Sleep has been called the “magic pill” for improved athletic performance.

Joe Gomes Courtesy Oakland Raiders

Joe Gomes
Courtesy Oakland Raiders

Performance around the clock

More elite athletes are starting to focus on sleep as a path to succeed on the field. The Oakland Raiders just hired a new coach who has pledged to implement a new “24-hour Performance System” which will make sleep another important part of the player’s workout. The Raiders’ new Strength and Conditioning coach, Joe Gomes, is hoping a better “healing environment” will help injured players come back faster, and healthy players perform better on the field. He told the San Francisco Chronicle “The two biggest areas you can typically impact would be your recovery component and then your nutrition component. And if you just upgrade those areas, what you’ll find is that no matter what training they’re doing, you have already improved the level at which they can adapt to that.” Oakland has struggled the last few seasons, but if Gomes is right then perhaps Raiders fans can sleep a little better too.

Teen athletes need more sleep to stay healthy

Not just adult athletes need to rack up Zs along with TDs. A recent study found teenagers who got a good night sleep (8+ hours) were 68% less likely to sustain an injury while playing sports. The American Academy of Pediatrics said that the hours of sleep a night was a more important indicator of whether the teen might get injured than the hours spent on the playing field or hours spent weight training. They also found the older a teen athlete gets, the more sleep they need.

The research is piling up. Whether you are a star running back or aspire to be one in your athletic future, sleep does more than help you heal. Sleep helps you succeed.

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Peak Performance and the Pillow

We once knew a Division I volleyball coach who said: “Legs pay the bills.”

In between countless sets of squats, leg extensions and leg sled reps lied the key to success… along with hours of running, jump roping and sprinting.

There’s no doubt that resistance training and aerobic exercise are very important factors in an athlete’s physical performance.  Who doesn’t love the weight room, the suicide sprints and the tailored diets? They work.

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Sweet Dreams! English Soccer Club Gets Serious About Slumber

One of England’s top soccer clubs is incorporating sleep science in their new $300 million training facility.

In an article published this past week by United Kingdom-based newspaper The Daily Mail, Manchester-based club Manchester City took a reporter for a tour of the facilities, which included a visit to the club’s high-tech sleeping quarters.



“I think this is one of the best, if not the best, facility in the world,” said Patrick Viera, a former Premier League star who now runs his former employer’s elite development program.

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The USWNT celebrates their 2012 London gold medal

You Snooze You Win: The Winning Sleep Habits of Superstar Athletes

Oh, January. Where did you go?

Even though our New Year’s resolutions are barely visible in the rearview mirror anymore, there are still three months left to turn ourselves into the lean, mean workout machines we set out to become in 2014.

The key to a strong finish could be hidden between the proverbial sheets where LeBron James, Roger Federer and other world-class athletes sleep like the dead and recover like champions.

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A Better Bench Press: Hit the Pillow, Help the Pecs

We’ve discovered through the wonders of Twitter that Monday – the mother of all bad days – is officially known as #BenchDay, the 24-hour period in which fitness fanatics and bodybuilders heft insane amounts of weight repeated times through the power of their rippling upper bodies.

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