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Peak Performance and the Pillow

We once knew a Division I volleyball coach who said: “Legs pay the bills.”

In between countless sets of squats, leg extensions and leg sled reps lied the key to success… along with hours of running, jump roping and sprinting.

There’s no doubt that resistance training and aerobic exercise are very important factors in an athlete’s physical performance.  Who doesn’t love the weight room, the suicide sprints and the tailored diets? They work.

Left out of that equation:  the role of sleep.

The bedroom is home to one of the fitness world’s most important pieces of training equipment: the mattress.  We’ve done our research and talked to sports professionals. The research is conclusive: sleep is an integral part of an athlete’s physical performance.

Sleep like the Elite

Mark Verstegen, Director of Performance for the NFL Players Association and happy Somnium sleeper, is an expert at working with elite athletes. He believes reaching peak performance is about more than what happens on the field.

“Sleep is the magic pill in improving performance. There is deep research around how great sleep upgrades an athletes cognitive and physiologic abilities,” Mark told us. “Somnium has finally created a breakthrough piece of equipment that meets the level of precise engineering elite performers expect. Somnium has the winning combination for elite sleep.”

Confessions of a Three-Time Olympic Gold-Medalist

Verstegen isn’t the only one who acknowledges that a Somnium mattress should be an essential part of an athlete’s training regimen.

Former U.S. Women’s National Team soccer defender Heather Mitts and her husband A.J. Feeley, a former NFL quarterback, instantly noticed the difference in sleep quality when they bought their Somnium.

“My husband and I thought we had a comfortable bed until our Somnium mattress arrived.” Heather told us. “I feel the difference and  wake up in the morning more refreshed than before. We are big fans of the comfort and adjustment to our every move.”

“I’ve never slept better.”

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