Every Day is Earth Day at Somnium

We don’t usually need an excuse to celebrate around here, but Earth Day is one of our fave holidays. A lot of thought and effort went into making Somnium as green as is possible, so we like to take this annual opportunity to toot our (sustainably manufactured) horn.



Every day, thousands of mattresses end their useful life in America’s landfills. Taking up a whopping 35 cubic feet per queen-sized mattress, redundant metal coil mattresses are one household item that is notoriously difficult to recycle thanks to the innersprings, a heavyweight and complicated design that make them extraordinarily tricky to deconstruct.  Many end up on the street. In California, there’s even a Tumblr to mourn the fallen.

Somnium = Green By Design

Somnium disposes of all such complications. The mattress boasts impressive environmental credentials: removable and washable Oekotex-certified covers, bio foam made using renewable soy, and inherently flame retardant materials. And don’t forget: we don’t use any harmful chemicals, dyestuffs, or heavy metals,

Somnium mattresses are 100 percent recyclable and/or repurposable: The removable cover can simply be slipped off so all the fibers can be recycled. The highly-resilient foam and the patented elastomer innersprings can be easily separated and repurposed into anything from insulation to exercise mats to kid’s toys.

When the time comes to move on to your next Somnium mattress, we will take your old one away with us for recycling. You can be assured your old mattress will have a full, second life after you.

Now that’s something to celebrate!

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