What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Ever wondered what your favorite sleep position says about your personality — or your health? Reader’s Digest asked Somnium and other sleep experts to chime in.

Nighttime movement reveals more about you than you think.

You may not be running marathons during the day, but at night we are all much more active than conventional wisdom has us believe. While the old adage demanded there be “no tossing and turning” in your sleep, we actually move 50 to 80 times every night. And doing that is definitely a good thing.

Instead of waking up stiff and feeling like we have been stuck in the middle seat on a long cross country flight, natural nighttime movement keeps our muscles supple and helps distribute hormones and nutrients that help heal and nourish the body while we rest.


Tatiana Gyazo, rd.com

What’s your favorite sleep position?

Obviously, we designed our mattresses to ergonomically support all this nighttime action, but what do the different positions we find ourselves in throughout the night reveal about us? Reader’s Digest asked Somnium and other sleep experts to explain.

You can read the full story here: What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality | Reader’s Digest

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