Good sleep is dear to us: 27 percent of Americans are willing to give up chocolate for a solid eight hours every night, 22 percent would ditch their cell phone, and 2 percent even their spouse. Luckily you don't have to make any of these sacrifices.

Though there are a few things you might want to know in your sleep:


Somnium Sleep Fact 'The Perfect Wedding Gift'

'Stop tossing and turning' has been the mantra of the bedding industry for decades as mattress makers equated movement at night with restless sleep and discomfort and promoted thick, overstuffed mattresses as their solution.

Two Mattresses

Not so fast. It's perfectly natural for us to move five to ten times every hour even in our sleep - and putting a stop to it hurts more than it helps. Movement allows our body to rejuvenate. It is what keeps your muscles supple and what helps the disks in your spine to return to their healthy plump shape. It's the reason you are taller again when you wake up in the morning than you were with a tired, compressed spine the night before. And the reason you never feel good getting out of a tight airplane seat after a cross-country trip.


Sleeping on a soft, cushy mattress makes it difficult to move freely while you sleep. Much as your body will try, it can't win the exhausting fight against the bed. Gaining that restraint it will lose the chance to naturally restore itself.

Somnium was designed to support your nightly movement. We are a completely new kind of mattress: Firm, liberating and comfortable as well. So you get the best of all worlds.


Somnium is the mattress for athletes and active individuals - it's their fitness equipment for the night. Dare we say anyone who wants to improve performance should be sleeping on one? It keeps you perfectly aligned, gives you freedom to move and offers the most comfortable sleep environment.

Studies have shown that getting the most restorative sleep possible allows athletes to exhibit superior performance and set new personal records. The quality of your sleep is directly related to your physical performance. So give your body the proper amount of sleep and the right mattress to do it on. Our mattress is your tool to get in your best personal shape. It gives you a fully energized and strengthened body to perform at your peak ability.

Run faster, jump higher, serve harder. All you have to do is sleep. Read some testimonials here.


Not everything with the potential to disturb your dreams is visible to the naked eye. And just like an invisible bad dream, electromagnetic fields can disrupt your nightly rest. That's one of the reasons we are excited our spring design allowed us to finally built a metal-free bed. Since metal coils have long been suspected of amplifying EMFs and preventing sleepers from reaching the most restorative state, we are glad to be one step ahead with our product.


Unfortunately it is true: The average person loses one pint of moisture a night - a cumulative eight Jacuzzi tub-size containers over the course of ten years.

Worse yet, our misfortune is good news for dust mites who feed on sweat and old skin and find an ample supply in most beds. And that not only makes you sick to your stomach: The microscopic evildoers and their droppings can also trigger numerous allergies.

Somnium has put a stop to that vicious, dirty circle and is bringing hygiene back to bed: Starting with foam that is inhospitable to mites (and bed bugs, by the way!) we have designed a mattress that allows natural air circulation to help moisture evaporate immediately.

We also designed a smooth sleep surface without wrinkles, buttons, or tufting that could serve as breeding ground for dust mites and other pests. Plus our removable covers zip right off and can be washed in hot water and return sparkling clean.