Somnium cover zipper closeup with photo by Martin Herbst/www.MartinHerbst.com

We are clean freaks in the bedroom. That's why we designed a mattress with a smooth, tufting-free surface to ensure that there are neither nooks nor crannies for dirt and dust bunnies to hide in.

And because we want to keep things neat, our durable rayon-blend covers are removable and can be washed as often as you want to -- and as hot as any trace of last weekend's breakfast in bed might require. Being able to keep your bed pristine is genius; making the job easy with a cover that zips into two pieces you can machine wash at home ensures you may actually give it a try.

And while cleanliness might be next to Godliness, we are also keen on comfort and health. That's why our cover features a strip of airy mesh running the perimeter to help with ventilation and the fabric is free of toxins, dyestuff, flame retardant or harmful chemicals.