Somnium Mattress Foam Interior with photo by Martin Herbst/www.MartinHerbst.com

Foams can be a scary proposition. Many bring chemicals into your home, off-gas, smell of glue, or are bad for the environment. Our top-of-the-line foam is toxin-free, safe cold foam that is made using water vapors and air pressure instead of smelly injection gases.

Somnium Sleep Fact '8 hours of sleep'

Plus, being earth-friendly and benign by design demanded that we incorporate the renewable resource soy into our foam and only use solvent-free adhesives to assemble it. So we did.

The result is excellent news for your bedroom: Our highly resilient foam naturally never off-gases and it is pre-compressed to create a breathable open-pore structure. This structure helps overheated sleepers by allowing better airflow for a cooler sleep environment. It also prevents dips and it offers extra elasticity and density, allowing us to encase our sleek 8-inch bed in only a slender 2-inch layer of foam without forgoing comfort.