Somnium Springs and Firmness Grades with photo by Martin Herbst/www.MartinHerbst.com

Somnium Sleep Fact 'Republicans get more sleep'

Our springs are big on spooning. They are the only ones available in two firmness grades to cradle every contour of your body while you dream: Softer springs allow the shoulder and pelvis to sink into the mattress while firmer ones actively support the lumbar spine. It's a fine-tuned task metal coils just aren't up to. Ours are.

Made from the highest grade TPEE (or Thermoplastic Polyether-Ester Elastomer, for long), a material used in the aviation and automotive industries and high-performance athletic gear, they were designed to exceed your expectations of support and flexibility. You get the strength of a ski boot with the bounce and comfort of a sports shoe. The result is support that is literally the most flexible in the industry: Structural strength superior to metal's in a sleek hourglass shape with sheer limitless 3D flexibility.

And the cherry on top: Our spring's design also eliminates motion transfer. Eat your heart out, metal!