Somnium Box with photo by Martin Herbst/www.MartinHerbst.com

Sweet dreams are based on this: A supportive foundation with an even surface for your mattress to plainly rest on.

That's the simple concept behind our Somnium box. At first glance a look-alike to traditional box springs, the design is actually quite different from its conventional predecessor: Metal-free just like our mattress, the sleek yet sturdy base is topped with solid wood slats that are spaced an air gap apart and upholstered in our airy mesh to promote proper ventilation.

And grand as the Somnium box is, our mattresses aren't stuck on it: They will also pair well with any other even, supportive surface, whether it is a firm slatted frame with gaps of 2" or less, our Somnium base, a platform or - in a pinch - your living room floor.

Since all the support technology you need is built right into the mattress, all you have to add for comfort is a surface for it to rest on - plain and simple.